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APLNG Material Offloading Facility

Location: Curtis Island, Gladstone, QLD
Client: Bechtel Australia (Oil and Gas)
Commencement Date: June 2011
Completion Date: December 2012
Contract Value: $115 million

The project team established a procurement system on site that significantly increased rock delivery.

APLNG Materials Offloading Facility is located on Curtis Island, which is within Gladstone Harbour.

Project Scope
BMD Constructions is engaged to design and construct the Materi als Offloading Facility. The work involves the design and construction of a Roll-on Roll-off (Ro-Ro) and Lift-on Lift-off (Lo-Lo) wharf on Curtis Island and is part of early works to facilitate the delivery of materials for the construction of the LNG plant.

The scope of works includes:

  • Marine based piling construction of a 230m long HZ combi wall;
  • Installation of 30m anchor ties between walls within tidal zones;
  • Supply and transport of 300,000 tonnes of rock fill;
  • Placement of the rock fill behind the walls together with associated earthworks;
  • Potential acid sulphate soils excavation and management;
  • Heavy pavement construction;
  • Concrete construction of capping beam and slab over water;
  • Marine based piling and installation of berthing dolphins and fenders; and
  • Installation of navigation aids within shipping channel


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