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Go Alliance

IntroducIng the go Alliance

Brisbane City Council has partnered with BMD Constructions and SMEC Australia to form the Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance to deliver the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project. The appointment of the alliance in October 2012 followed Council and the Queensland Government’s commitment to jointly fund the $199 million priority project. The project will involve constructing a new road-over-rail overpass connecting Robinson Road East and Robinson Road West.

Land Acquisitions

The process of finalising land acquisitions for the project is currently underway. All properties subject to full or partial resumptions have been identified and discussions with landowners have taken place. The land acquisition process is anticipated to be complete by mid-2013. Once properties required for the project have been acquired, the vacant buildings are removed from the site. Progressive building removal works have been ongoing since Se

The $199 million Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement will deliver an important east-west connection by providing a new road-over-rail overpass, connecting Robinson Road East and Robinson Road West. Jointly funded by Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government, the project will improve safety, connectivity and travel times and reduce road congestion in the area. The project is a part of Council’s Moving Brisbane program which reduces congestion by investing in transport infrastructure, as well as active and public transport solutions. The Queensland Government’s strategic plan has also identified the removal of this level crossing as a key priority for safety, efficiency and reliability. Brisbane City Council has partnered with BMD Constructions and SMEC Australia to form the Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance to deliver the project by late 2014.

Working With Queensland Rail

The GO Alliance team is working closely with Queensland Rail to ensure the detailed design meets the requirements of existing and future Queensland Rail infrastructure. For example, the height of the overpass will be determined by the required clearance between the bridge and Queensland Rail’s overhead power lines. The project will include a new dedicated pedestrian overpass to provide safe access to the station and across the rail corridor. To minimise disruption to freight and passenger services, some night and weekend works will be required for construction. Every effort will be made to carry out the works with minimal disruption to the community. Residents will be advised of night works in advance.

Design Process

The GO Alliance started building on the reference design in October 2012 to develop the detailed design. To view the reference design go to Council’s website at and search for ‘Robinson Road’. The detailed design will address all areas of the project such as the overpass, intersections, pedestrian and cycle links, property access and the hydrology of the area. Any possible improvement or enhancements to the reference design will be identified during this progress. The detailed design is expected to be finalised by mid-2013, however it is now detailed enough for early works to start.

Multifix Constructions Currently has a crew working on the Go Alliance.


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