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Kenya to Chinchilla CSG Water Pipeline

A 20 kilometre new Pipeline currently under construction by Sunwater will provide the Chinchilla district with an additional water supply from the CSG Gas fields south of Chinchilla.

SunWater has been contracted by QGC to build, own and operate the Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline. The major piece of water infrastructure will pump up to 100 megalitres a day of treated coal seam gas water from the QGC Kenya water treatment plant to the Chinchilla Weir.
Western Downs Regional Council is working with Sunwater for the town to receive an allocation from the Beneficial Re-use Scheme from the QGC gas fields.
Spokesperson for Utilities – Water, Wastewater and Gas Councillor Bill McCutcheon said Western Downs Regional Council is in the process of negotiating a contract with Sunwater for a CSG water allocation to be made available to the town of Chinchilla.
Cr McCutcheon said the pipeline will mainly provide water for beneficial use by the agricultural and industrial sectors, but some water will also be made available to supplement the Chinchilla town water supply.
He said Sunwater and QGC are working with the Department of Environment and Resource Management to ensure the quality of the water is confirmed before any water is discharged into the Weir.
“It is now a legislative requirement that Sunwater implement a Recycled Water Management Plan before any of the treated CSG Water can be discharged into the Chinchilla Weir.
“This will require a lot of testing and monitoring of the treated CSG water to ensure that the quality is suitable for reuse through the Weir pool after the CSG water supply has commenced.
“If the treated CSG water does not comply, the supply will be shut down until compliance has been rectified,” Cr McCutcheon said.
Cr McCutcheon said Council anticipates that the project will assist with drought proofing the town for the next 30 years, and it has been indicated that the treated coal seam gas water will be offered at no additional cost by Sunwater and QGC for the town.
“Council has been working towards securing Chinchilla’s future water supply for almost six years now. The project will certainly maintain the Chinchilla water supply for a lot of years to come independent of rainfall and drought.
“It presents a solution to the town’s water supply problems as it will cater for future population and industrial growth.”

For more information about the project, residents should contact the Sunwater Hotline on 1800 038 866.
Alternatively, residents can visit the SunWater website or email enquiries to [email protected]

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