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Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal – WICET

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd (WICET) is owned by existing and potential coal exporters located in Queensland with the objective of providing increased long term export coal capacity to the industry. The Queensland Government has granted WICET the mandate to own and develop the Terminal at Gladstone Queensland.

Stage 1, a 27 Mtpa facility, is currently under construction. WEXP1 will provide an additional 30 – 35 Mtpa.

WICET brings together some of the most experienced bulk commodity ports industry users and operators under one banner, creating many efficiencies for the industry, government and the local community. The industry-funded delivery model is a first for Queensland and is owned directly by its industry users rather than third party investors. This facilitates timely development of important coal transport infrastructure, without the need for Government funding.

The Expansion will be financed entirely by the WICET consortium ensuring the Terminal can meet its owners’ requirements. Terminal handling charges will be on a cost recovery basis to assist the competitiveness of the Queensland coal export industry.

Located at Golding Point, to the west of the existing RG Tanna and Barney Point Terminals, WEXP1 is expected to provide about 30-35 million tonnes per annum in additional export coal capacity through the Port of Gladstone once fully commissioned.

WEXP1 will involve construction of:

  • A second rail dump station and overland conveyor
  • A second stockyard and three stacker reclaimers
  • A second out-loading system
  • Two additional berths and a second Shiploader


WICET owners will fund the construction of WEXP1, while Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) will be the operator of the facility. This will facilitate efficiency of operations in the Port of Gladstone, without relying on Government funding.

QR Network (the rail network division of QR National) and Surat Basin Rail are vital links in the coal supply chain for delivering coal from the Surat and Bowen Basins to the Gladstone region.

The WICET owners will contract with above-rail operators to deliver coal from their various mines to the Terminal.

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